Configuring Whistle with an internal or external microphone on a Windows PC

Whistle for Windows can interact with bluetooth headsets, USB phone devices and the internal microphone on your PC to capture voice on your Whistle phone call. Please follow the steps below to correctly configure your Whistle phone with the mentioned devices.

  • Go to your Windows 'Control Panel' and select 'Sounds'
  • Verify that your internal or external microphone is setup to capture your voice correctly
  • On a Windows XP PC this can be verified by going to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Voice tab. Select your intended Voice Playback and Voice Recording device. Click the Test hardware button to verify that the input and output devices are capture your voice and playing it back correctly.
  • On a Windows Vista and Windows 7 this can be verified by going to Control Panel > Sounds > Recording Tab. Verify that an input device is select and that it is capture voice input

*Note - Use headphones to capture audio output instead of speakers if you are experiencing echo issues on your phone call.

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